Bruno Art Group was born out of the passion of its founder Motti Abramovitz in 1995, following a 100-year family tradition. Armed with this expertise in the industry we expanded from our roots in Tel Aviv to an international compound of galleries located in Singapore, India, Belgium and the USA. Through our gallery in Singapore, various participations at Art Stage, numerous exhibitions and projects in Asia, such as “Dada on Tour in Singapore” as well as our collaborations in South Korea, Bruno Art Group was able to build an efficient expertise on the South East Asian art market. We are dedicated to exhibiting works by groundbreaking modern and contemporary Israeli and international artists. Our gallery program includes legendary pioneers of the Dada and Kinetic art movements such as Marcel Janco and Yaacov Agam. We actively work on the global art market supporting emerging artists and foster the cultural exchange.


Yaacov Agam, Pace of Time, 1970, Polymorph, 51 x 44 cm

Yaacov Agam (b. 1928) is the pioneer of the kinetic movement in art and its most outstanding contemporary representative. Agam fundamentally changed the accepted idea of art as a fixed image. He works with color, form, time and movement which makes his art four-dimensional. Making art which includes the infinite forms and transformations within itself, Agam creates sophisticated polymorphs refined in their simplicity that evoke invisible possibilities of a given space.

This unique artwork by Yaacov Agam is a study for Pace of Time, which is included in the collection of Tel Aviv Museum of Art and is exhibited in its main entrance hall. The size of the original is 4,60 x 6,30 x 10 m. This Polymorph is based on structural and visual concepts that are encapsulated in seemingly simple compositions. Agam´s aim is to touch upon concepts of time and eternity that lie beyond the world of visual appearances.

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