Artpark Gallery is a plattform for both, emerging and renown artist and serves as a bridge to create an exchange between Asian and European art & culture. Our exhibitions and featured artist confront contemporary issues by challenging the common understanding of today's world of art. Our Gallery focus lies on visiting art fairs all over the world.


SUH JEONG MIN, Lines in Chorus I (SJM034), 2019, korean paper, 182 x 150 x 6 cm

Suh Jeong Min builds up each artwork through an accumulation of discrete units of paper rolled into tubes or overlaid so that they resemble thin blocks of wood. Each one contains so many individual paper scraps compressed together that when they are cut by him their ends resemble the horizontal cross section of the trunk of a cut-down tree with its annual rings. These are fixed to the support by Suh with a rice-based glue in either a fairly ordered way, or more randomly to create specific visual effects. He cuts each piece by hand, eschewing machinery for the intentional imprecision of the personal touch.

The paper Suh uses is called hanji, and is made from the inner bark of Mulberry trees. This paper is usually formed into laminated sheets that are pounded to compact the wood fibers, giving it great resilience and durability. The world’s oldest surviving wood block print, the Buddhist “Pure Light Dharani Sutra,” which is Korea's National Treasure No. 126, was printed on hanji in c. 704 and is still in good condition. Hanji is so sturdy that it was used to make furniture such as cabinets and trays, and as a window covering.

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