Meno Parkas, established in 1997 in Kaunas, the second location in Düsseldorf, opened in 2018. During these years Meno Parkas became one of the strongest contemporary art gallery throughout Lithuania. Main gallery’s aim is to represent a professional contemporary Lithuanian and foreign artists in Lithuania and abroad, stimulate young artists’ creations, involve them into contemporary art projects.

Gallery’s activities focuses mainly on variety of visual arts. Annual program consists of numerous international exhibitions, projects and events organized in Lithuania and abroad. Main projects are: international cultural exchange project "Art Line" which focuses on representation of Lithuanian artists’ works abroad and the widespread introduction of foreign contemporary artists’ in Lithuania; Project "The Young. Green Consciousness" exclusively created for young artists; biannual contemporary art festival "Kaunas in Art". Festivals’ program consists of projects, reflecting social, political issues, conservation of the natural resources, historical memory, and overall addressing relevant global issues.


Sonata Riepšaitė, In the Shadow, 2019, Charcoal, pastel, varnish on canvas, 110 x 125 cm

Sonata Riepšaitė (b. 1993), a young generation Lithuanian painter, currently lives and works in The Hague. Though she just started her creative path, but already have a very distinct technique, which unravels in her artworks. Through a monochromatic paintings, mainly created with a charcoal, artist delves into the genre of the landscape, forming imaginary from the real, full of silence and anticipation.

An artwork "In the Shadow" inspired by two situations that were completely different in the moment of which artist saw them. One was the three house compound in a very sunny, hot summer’s day. And the other – very tall dark trees at night. Artist adapted these two situations to her willing and made a timeless, quiet landscape. There is nothing intimidating there, but the quietness, calmness and lack of detail, make it feel a bit frightening and mysterious, where almost threatening silence is floating in the air.

Price: 2,200 EUR

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