Based in downtown Ho Chi Minh City, Vin Gallery has established an active presence in art fairs across Asia by promoting cross-cultural hybridization. We aim to bring artists with critical practices to HCMC to share their work with the local art scene while simultaneously striving to discover and promote promising South East Asia artists to the international art scene. Our artists come from diverse cultural backgrounds and art educations, work with various mediums and have a spectrum of life experiences. They have strong conceptual and challenging visions, materialized in continually evolving forms which we try to foster by creating networks and collaborations with other art spaces in Asia and beyond.


Richard Streitmatter Tran, PROPHILIA, 2019, Watercolour and gouache on metal plate, 20-40 cm diameter

In this extended series of paintings titled Prophilia, Richard Streitmatter-Tran looks to the mediated social world of profile images and considers their relation to the long tradition of portraiture painting. Using social media networks, he takes as profile images as initial references, now stripped of their meta information and contextual tagging in order to paint portraits that transform the subjects - and in many cases, returns an image of the final paintings to the original posters.

Painting on an absorbent ground in watercolour and gouache on metal plates and woks, these ubiquitous items found throughout Vietnam often resembling reflecting mirrors. The artist searches for a connection between the immateriality of screen based lives with the material objects of everyday life.

The title, Prophilia, is an invented word bringing together the words profile and philia, the love of something.

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