Art is an opportunity to have a different and unique experience every day: discover, contemplate, dialogue ... In short, our aim is to be excited by art and share it. Our purpose is to show a line of work focused on Figurative – Conceptual Art. Painting and photography with the desire to give shape to complex subjects as philosophy, mysticism, symbolism or even geometry. Expressions that show us oniric environments, surreal images or symbolic portraits. All this leads us to the search for those pieces that we find exceptional and we want to present in our space.

In the art market we carry out a local program of exhibitions that is complemented by an important agenda; attending international Art Fairs and sharing and exchanging exhibitions and projects with Galleries from different countries; accomplices who have an affinity with our ideas and our line of work helping to enrich our cultural project.


Rafel Bestard, Green Coat, 2019, Oil on canvas, 146 x 114 cm

Rafel Bestard (born 1976), the Majorcan painter recreates the world from his most personal perspective. The main topic of his artwork is the reflection of the human condition trying to pursue the profoundness in the ordinary and most immediate, reversing the meaning of the quotidian in a different and sometimes disturbing parallel world.

Green Coat, 2019, is not about the green coat that shows its functional figure to be diluted into the darkness of the background, almost as a trapped ghost. Is not about her, who smoothly discovers her own naked body and hides her face. Is not about the loneliness expressed in the empty space. Is about the incoming light emerging from a hidden corner once the green coat opens to touch her soft skin, giving her a warm hug, and not letting her dissolve into the contrasted obscurity.

For interest in acquiring an artwork, or for further information, please enquire via the form below. VOLTA will connect you directly with the presenting gallery.

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