The Essentials:
Accumulated knowledge on art history and 40 years of experience in the international art market.

The Team:
As a young team with expertise in various fields we complement each other and explore new avenues when planning interdisciplinary projects.

The Positions:
The artists we work hand in hand with are chosen from a rich cultural background.

The Prospects:
An international network built up over decades with select contacts to industry and business.

The Orientation:
With the use of different channels we have our finger on the pulse of the international art market and regularly reinvent ourselves.


Paul Jacobsen, UNTITLED series (#3 & 5), 2019, Charcoal on Paper, 125 x 185 cm (48 x 72 inches)

Paul Jacobsen, born in Denver in 1976, grew up in a family of artists in a small mountain town in Colorado before moving to Brooklyn. Forgoing a formal art degree, Jacobsen took classes in Florence at Lorenzo De Medici Instituto dellĀ“Arte, studied privately with acclaimed realist and still life painter Daniel Sprick and worked for Artists such as Jeff Koons and Rudolf Stingel.

Typically working with traditional mediums such as oil paint and charcoal, Jacobsen investigates the intersection of civilization and technology. Some distinctive works include his charcoal drawings of black flags in different sizes. Since the 1880s, black flags have been an authoritarian symbol representing the absence of and opposition to the nation state. In his series `Studies in MovementsĀ“ Jacobsen illustrates a mark (or stand) for democracy. Although America has shown few signs of Egalitarianism since its beginnings, Jacobsen believes that America has recently added another disgraceful/shameful chapter to its book of history.

He visually portrays this political statement through establishing a moment of silence and mourning for all the hard-fought victories of native, civil, women's and gay rights that are now threatened more than ever, as well as the environmental and labor protections that are already being gravely attacked in current politics. His work provokes and at the same time embodies a memorial.

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