Gallery Frey is based in Vienna since 2004 and in Salzburg since 2012.

We are proud of representing about 20 artists from all over the world. In March 2020 we showed Harding Meyer at VOLTA New York.


Harding Meyer, Untitled, 2020, Oil on Canvas, 170 x 220 cm

Harding Meyer (*1964) is a manipulator of art whose gesture, ductus, structure, and rhythm, has found an individual way of formulating and questioning the current relationship of art, media, and human beings in complex images.

Many of his paintings bring to mind portraits from the Renaissance, the epoch in which the portrait advanced to become the most important painting genre. But his models come from the current, fast-paced media world. He already makes diverse changes to these models, alienating individual physiognomic characteristics through painting or on the computer. What can be seen in the completed works is a mixture of painterly information that represents a return of the subject from a new to an old medium.

He became known as a painter, but his multimedia approach to his themes makes him a multifaceted conceptual artist.

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