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Gregory Watin, Fly Circle, 2019, Acrylic paint and collages on canvas, photos printed on PMMA (Plexiglass) bolted on top, 160 cm diameter

There is a notion of urgency in his work, to seize on idea before it gets away, to put on the canvas the instant gesture, the instant collages, the instant urge. Gregory Watin has created his contemporary poetry from daily material, from the town, the people. This urbanity made of anything is not sad or doomed , if you look at it closely, it is also coloured and rhythmic. All the artworks aren’t a succession of independent artworks but they form an inseparable unity, a gradual shift from one artwork, to a series, to another..

"I’ve always questioned myself about the human print on the environment, about what the city we build says about us. I stick and pull instinctively, every gesture matters because it’s non-recoverable, a collage engages the base, if I pull it off there will always be a mark left. There’s never a white page, exactly like in our life, we learn how to live with scars. The painting must adapt itself to the materials that impact it like strokes. Plexiglas is a screen. In our screen-lives we first look at the image on the plexi, without paying attention to the back, the material, the meaning. We have to make an effort to see above the screen, and discover what it wants to tell us, and then step back to understand that our reflection is part of the painting as well. The artist needs to be under pressure, in this time of lockdown. Facing ourselves, each one perceive a part of the artist’s life, who voluntarily cuts himself off the world that he usually observes so much, to get a sort of “juice” out of it."

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