MonShareArt is an Italian omnichannel platform operating worldwide, which aims to take Italian contemporary artists abroad and to showcase their work to a greater audience. The main focus is both emerging and more established artists, who work in conventional as well as more non-traditional media. In this way, the portfolio of artists is more diverse, inclusive and unique.

MonShareArt is an enterprise between Italy and the United States, with headquarters in Milan and Miami, FL. Efforts are dedicated to launching artists not only online but also by attending international art fairs and events, such as during Art Miami Week December 2019 and Armory Week in New York March 2020.


Daniele Accossato, Amore Rapito, 2019, Jesmonite, wood, ropes, bubble wrap, duct tape, 60 x 45 x 80 cm

Daniele Accossato re-imagines classical sculptures as kidnapped victims, forced into the scenario of being shipped off.

He aims to introduce a new take on the traditional practice of sculpting and confront the viewer with the reality of art transportation, as well as repatriation. The sculptures are also self-ironic in the way they approach those issues. Accossato takes sculptures of recognisable origin, including the Nike of Samothrace, the Riace Bronzes warriors, or mythic Gods like Apollo or Eros, and introduces them to a new context. In an attempt to raise new questions on the way art is commodified and de-aestheticized.

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