STOA Gallery was opened in 2006 and is located in the Port of Estepona (Malaga), in the South of Spain, just above the Town Hall. STOA is focused both emerging artists, and artists with a more consolidated career. The inclusion of an emerging artist in an exhibition in STOA involves the close and continuous contact between the curator and the creative artist, supervising details and helping to select concepts and develop the most significant ideas. With the most established career artists, the gallery helps them especially in its commercialization, in the diffusion between collectors and dealers, and in the preparation of the exhibitions: to be able to reach the public in general and be able to be understood and apprehended their work. For the promotion and dissemination of all of them, the gallery makes four or five exhibitions a year and participates in six-seven international art fairs.


Conchi Alvarez, Inicio del ritual (Beginning of the ritual), 2016, Oil on canvas, 114 x 146 cm

This work presented by Conchi Alvarez, belongs to one of her series, ‘the Bullfighter Ritual’. In the Mediterranean, the world of bullfighting exercises an ancient attraction. The ritual ceremonies in Crete used to have priests, men, and also women facing the bull. She delves into the man behind the façade of bullfighter and investigates the preparatory ritual and how, through this ceremonial that is transmitted from generation to generation, it is produced the transformation from man into hero, almost demigod.

Here, the composition shows how the entire bullfighting costume is placed in a precise and careful positioning. The bullfighter will put, piece by piece, in a superstitious order, all the pieces of clothing as part of a catharsis and mental purification that prepares him for the performance that will take place in the bullring, where he will look, face-to-face, upon possible death.

Price: 25,000 USD

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