Martch Art Project, is a Contemporary Art Gallery, was founded in İstanbul by Bahar Kızgut in 2018. In addition to the artist representations and programmed exhibitions, Martch Art Project also organizes exhibitions outside of the gallery space. Mainly focusing a transdisciplinary perspective, aims to create new opportunities in local and international platforms for the represented artists.


Bence Magyarlaki, OUTSIDE BELONGINGS SERIES, 2019, Plaster, synthetic pigment polyurethane foam, resin, variable

"I aim to achieve the subjectification of objects by manipulating geometric forms and twisting them towards anthropomorphic postures. The action thus performed by the object can be a bend, a stretch, a twist always suggesting the tensile force of the outside, and a futurity towards rupture or release. The sculptures therefore encapsulate a fragile moment within a movement that reveals the very ability of a material to be shaped without breaking. In such stillness – or momentum – an inherent performative language is teased out of the objects, dictated by their own ductility."

Bence Magyarlaki

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