ZINC contemporary located in Seattle represents a roster of artists from the PNW and beyond. Since opening in 2013, ZINC has made it a mission to make women in the art world not only visible but successful. Currently 85% of the ZINC roster is comprised of women – the exact opposite of the norm in galleries across the world today.

By representing artists that are challenging the norms of what it has historically looked like to be a successful artist, ZINC hopes to create a ripple effect that transcends the art world and triggers widespread change.


Ashley Norwood Cooper, Easter Eggs, 2020, oil on panel, 80 x 72"

Ashley Norwood Cooper: "When I was an art student, one of my professors told me that I would never be a serious artist. I would become pregnant the minute I got my degree. I did become pregnant, soon after graduation, and it was through the portal of motherhood that I became a serious artist. It wasn't at all what I thought it would be. We live in a place and a time that is temporary. Motherhood informs my art even as it devours the time and energy I have to create."

Price: 15,000 USD

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