Founded in 2014, Galería Beta focuses its search on contemporary artists with a short and medium career in the Colombian and Latin American scene, focusing on the exhibition and commercialization of works with an abstract and conceptual sense. Having an affinity for artists who address architecture and nature.

In 2016, Beta Gallery incorporated its Proyecto ZETA annex, linking urban artists to the gallery space, with the realization of periodic exhibitions, recognizing the value that urban art has within culture; as well as supporting the realization of urban interventions in different parts of the city, promoting that urban art reaches more spectators. Located in San Felipe Art District, it is one of the first galleries that was established in this up and coming artistic district of the city of Bogotá, Colombia


Alejandro Londoño, 9-11, 2019, Plexiglass and LED light, 28 x 32 x 19 cm

Alejandro Londoño's work explores a historical in which machines seem to appropriate the world in order to dispel the limits between reality and fiction.. The raw material of his work is related to codes and numbers, algorithms and complex computerized translations. That concern arises from a less tangible world, one of increasing scarcity of materiality, one that offers fiction and simulation as a synonym of progress.

Londoño participated in “Salón ACME No 7”, México, (2019); the Internacional artistic residence “Pilotenkueche”, Leipzig (2018); and “Nuevos Nombres”, Bank of the Republic, Bogotá (2018). 9-11 reveals in a sutil and aesthetic way, the frame by frame deconstruction of the video that showed us that historical moment. Behind the apparent charm and beauty of the artwork there is a hidden message, that invites the viewer to reflect on how we consume and appropriate history.

Price: 3,000 USD

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