Lukas Feichtner gallery features international as well as Austrian art, focussing on painting, photographic works, collages and installations by a young and innovative generation of artists in confrontation with well established artists. Our program is presented through an average of up to seven individual shows per year, a choice of which are accompanied by catalogue editions. The gallery aims at an international audience, participating at fairs worldwide, with a focus to the Asian marked over the last years. We are especially interested in combining an engagement for young contemporary artists with the challenges of today's art market: the confrontation of received standards with such qualities as remain yet to be discovered, the challenging opposition of the well-known and the undetected. Multiple cooperations with international collectors and museum create the basis for effectively catering for a clientele of collectors with a wide range of interests.


Albana Ejupi, A speech between me and myself, 2020, combined techniques on canvas (acrylic, spray, sand, textile), 210 x 190 cm

„I want to understand what it means to be human“, says Albana Ejupi — her complete oeuvre seems to revolve around this central question of our existence.

The painted world that results is intimate and emotional, provocative and challenging, but also uncanny and mysterious. The young artist has already developed an unmistakeable visual language for exploring herself and the human condition. The themes — the pleasures and burdens of corporeality and sexuality, the beauty and pain of age and decay — are as old as humankind. The painting technique testifies to expertise and precision, but also an openness for artistic experiments (for instance, the elaborate use of sand as a painting material).

Ejupi’s painting invents an own reality, condenses the real world; or more precisely, it is a daring venture to fathom the hidden essence of a body or face and lend it artistic form. From Massy Bodies, Enquiring Faces, and Sexual Beings (G. Oberhollenzer)

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