There has never been a time more tolerant of spirituality than today. In December 2019, we established a gallery in Okinawa, to introduce the world to a selection of Divine Art that is not confined to the boundaries and contexts of art but invites you to free yourselves from the whirlpools of human egoism that bind us to a materially finite society.

In these troubled times, we offer an experience that touches on the Great Wisdom and Power that transcends human boundaries. It is, so to speak, a time that is colored by God and experience that touch Will of God. In our gallery, through workshops such as meditation using artworks, we hold workshops to unlock the energy of Roots of Life trapped in the material society, expand the appreciation and interpretation of art, and challenge multifaceted activities that shake the most in-depth spiritual action of human beings.


Ain KOHGEN, Gate to Root of Power - The Garden of Eden, 2019, Acrylic and Sumi ink on canvas, 36,2 x 57.5 inch

Ain KOHGEN, an artist who depicts Providence and Will of God. As a mystic, she has established Fusion-Meditation as guidance towards "Returning to God," and has been guiding in Okinawa. She has established the style of paintings visions showed to her every day by God. She renounces herself and gives her all to God. In doing so, she can draw Divine Art. From every stroke of a brush to the color of paint, everything is done according to God's instructions.

Gate to Root of Power: "Those with brightened lives forsake their own brightness and fall into sorrow and agony. If this goes on much longer, humanity will ultimately lose the sight of "me. I am there when you open your eyes or close your eyes. Open the gate, and you will see me in all of creation with your inner vision. Do not fear the Unification with Power." ― Yahweh

For interest in acquiring an artwork, or for further information, please enquire via the form below. VOLTA will connect you directly with the presenting gallery.

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