MonShareArt is an Italian omnichannel platform operating worldwide, which aims to take Italian contemporary artists abroad and to showcase their work to a greater audience. The main focus is both emerging and more established artists, who work in conventional as well as more non-traditional media.

MonShareArt is bringing to VOLTA New York one painter – the Milanese artist Fabio Giampietro, and a sculptor from Torino – Daniele Accossato.

Fabio Giampietro focuses his research from the last five years on creating fictional cityscapes, based on monumental buildings from across the world. He employs a particular subtracting technique, whereby he layers the whites first and then the black and then uses tools to create the forms. The cityscapes are both god-like views and surrealist, in the way the planes are bent and seen from above. Yet, the most fascinating component is the Virtual Reality software created by the artist – it takes the viewer into the space of the canvas, by simulating literally ‘walking’ into the canvas and then finding yourself in a 360 space. The Wave is the biggest work being introduced by the artist, a diptych of more than 3,60 metres width.

Daniele Accossato re-imagines classical sculptures as kidnapped victims, forced into the scenario of being shipped off. He aims to introduce a new take on the traditional practice of sculpting and confront the viewer with the reality of art transportation, as well as repatriation. The sculptures are also self-ironic in the way they approach those issues. Accossato takes sculptures of recognisable origin, including the Nike of Samothrace, the Riace Bronze warriors, or mythic Gods like Apollo or Eros. Due to high demand, MonShareArt also commissioned the sculptor to make additional iterations of his best-selling works, such as the 'Amore Rapito' and the "Angelo in Custodia."

Daniele Accossato
Box N1 (Amore Rapito)
2015, Jesmonite, wood, rope, pluriball, 60 x 45 x 80 cm.
Daniele Accossato
Testa di Apollo
2017, Jesmonite, wood, metal oxides, 35 x 35 x 50 cm.
Fabio Giampietro
Upward Vertigo 1
2019, Subtractive technique of oil on canvas, 100 cm. diameter.
Fabio Giampietro
The Upward
2017, Subtractive technique of oil on canvas, 120 x 140 cm.
Fabio Giampietro
HPS The Crane
2019, Subtractive technique of oil on canvas, 110 x 80 cm.
Daniele Accossato
Cage N1 (Ala Nike di Samotracia)
2017, Jesmonite, wood, 100 x 170 x 35 cm.
Fabio Giampietro
The Wave Final
2018, Subtractive technique of oil on canvas, 180 x 180 cm. each, diptych.