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Tamie Okuyama, one of the prominent artists in Japan, mainly paints clouds and the ocean and the sun. Her distinctive style comes from the viewpoint that they belong to the living organisms which have the same energy as humans, animals, and plants. Her eternal theme is “Life on the universe”.
Okuyama grew up in postwar Tokyo, spending most of her time with insects, animals, and plants in the yard of her house. After graduating from Tokyo University of the Arts, she went to Spain as an honorary student. However, she left there shortly getting fed up with the classic education and began her three-year-long travel throughout Europe and the Eurasian Continent. As a result of this experience, she established her lifestyle which is the kind of cycle of selling works and traveling the world. The global and universal values she fostered through these experiences and her love for life are the origin of her artwork. And especially, her ideal of the expression is based on Spirit Resonance, the idea of Chinese painting, which she first experienced through Chinese landscape paintings.
Okuyama paints the subjects with a faint light and soft brush strokes. The canvas is filled with a sense of vitality and a mysterious atmosphere, which reflects her sight with compassion for nature. She reached this style around after publishing her book in 1986. In this way, she received the most honorable award of contemporary art in Japan, Yasui Award, for her painting of a mountain.
In her long travel as an artist, she deeply and strongly keeps pursuing her own Art with her unchangeable innocence and ideal. We would like you to enjoy her spectacular view of the world and grace and dignity within the works. More and more of her local and abroad success is expected in the future.


Kenpei Yunde, born and lives in Nara prefecture, west city of Japan, believes that all the things in this world are born from the soil and exist on it. No matter what he paints, he starts from putting the color of soil on canvas before oil. After the first layer, he repeats the process of glazing and scraping more than 50 layers to create a thick and sculpture-like or ceramic-like texture. In most cases, he spends one whole year to complete, even if it’s the smallest kind of painting. In his words, he paints as if he feeds a crop; starts from cultivating the soil, and spreading seed, giving water, putting the layers of the four seasons, and after one year he finally harvests. Every work he paints has its own one year’s process to grow.

Started in 2006, he spent five years depicting the Japanese constitution and succeeded in completing a total of 110 works. He tried to understand the true happiness and ideal for humans by painting the Japanese constitution, the basis of Japanese society and people’s life, on his thoughts. The process of reading and comprehending the constitution made a turning point for him to grow into a specific artist. He always looks at his steps, cares about soil, and has unshakable faith and confidence without being dependent on fads or market trends.

We would like you to enjoy a peaceful and pristine world and find new aspects of everyday life through his works. We are confident that people all over the world will love his thoughts, the sense of value, and the rich and poetic paintings.

Tamie Okuyama
An affair above the horizon
2019, Oil on canvas, 37.9 × 45.5 ㎝
Kenpe Yunde
Fireworks on the beach
2019, Oil on canvas, 53 x 65.2 cm.
Kenpe Yunde
Under the apple tree with morning sun and the crescent moon
2019, Oil on canvas, 117 x 117 cm.
Kenpe Yunde
2019, Oil on canvas, 27.3 x 27.3 cm.
Tamie Okuyama
Memory of the cloud '17-10 Lencois
2017, Oil on canvas, 97 x 146 cm.
Tamie Okuyama
White ocean
2019, Oil on canvas, 80.3 x 117 cm.
Tamie Okuyama
Sun Condition
2019, Oil on canvas, 31.8 x 40.9 cm.
Tamie Okuyama
El misterio del sol
2017, Oil on canvas, 90.9 x 117 cm.
Kenpe Yunde
Apple tree with a puddle
2019, Oil on canvas, 53 x 33.3 cm.
Kenpe Yunde
Crescent moon and lotus
2019, Oil on canvas, 19.1 x 33.4 cm.