Paris 44 rue des Tournelles, 75004 Paris, France

Capital Gardens, Salloum Street, Mina El Hosn, Beirut, Lebanon





Kinetic Art is also in the spotlight at the Mark Hachem booth. Latin American artists were central to the creation of the movement and it helped establish and then cement their integration into the French art scene, Kinetism being the only artistic trend in the 20Th century that successfully challenged the European centric art landscape.

At VOLTA New York, Galerie Mark Hachem celebrates the work of the Venezuelan masters and main players in the Kinetic Art field, Jesus Rafael Soto, Carlos Cruz Diez, Dario Perez Flores, René Ugarte, Francisco (Pancho) Salazar, Rafael Pérez et Rafael Barrios. The variation of contemporary artists Wolfgang STILLER, Ghazi BAKER, Michelangelo BASTIANI does not go unacknowledged, of our time, for our time except for processor Hussein Madi, who leads with his memory. Each artist presented at VOLTA NY will exhibit material as a materiality of their reified consciousness.

Wolfgang STILLER performs social commentaries on human engagement as antagonistic and exploitative such as corporations to their employees. In compliment of the seriousness of some of his works, Stiller gives relief via comedy by way of his other pieces.

Hussein Madi, painter, sculptor and engraver, born in 1938 in Chebaa in South Lebanon, is one of the Middle East’s most famous artists. Madi was able to create his own language, script and vocabulary quite rapidly at the beginning of his career. What makes Madi unique is his ability to draw or paint using only straight lines and curves. It is the complex arrangement of these lines & semi circles, with varying thickness, that will allow him to compose, sometimes an animal, sometimes a human figure, often complex scenes using replication as another composition element.

Currently working and living in Beirut, Ghazi Baker’s style could be characterized as an exotic cocktail of lines, post-structuralism art, cerebral and deliberately anti-thematic. Always looking to highlight the process itself, his artistic influences include comic book art, music, movies, motorcycle culture, esoteric imagery, everyday life and the human condition. His work is inspired by thinkers as diverse as J. Derrida, M. Foucault and M. Merleau-Ponty, as well as other artists including Francis Bacon and David Salle. Storing a cloud in a jar, capturing a storm and putting a moving waterfall inside a frame as visual art pieces in a museum are some of the fantasies the artist Michelangelo Bastiani managed to make a reality through the use of technology. Thus, through interactive videos, installations and holograms, the Italian artist has been capable of recreating a wide array of natural phenomena and elements in our planet and universe to showcase them with his unconventional point of view.