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JD Malat Gallery at VOLTA New York
Group Show
4th - 8th March 2020

As part of Armory Arts Week, JD Malat Gallery is proud to present a group show featuring work by Swiss artist, Conrad Jon Godly, Chinese artist, Li Tianbing and Scottish artist, Robert Montgomery for VOLTA New York. Taking place in the intimate surroundings of Metropolitan West, this group exhibition will reflect a truly international nature of VOLTA New York.

Driven by the ambition to produce visually and thematically compelling art, each artist demonstrates their unique perspective on creativity. From the ethereal mountain landscapes by Conrad Jon Godly, the politically charged paintings of animals and children by Li Tianbing, and the LED word installation inspired by poetry and contemporary life by Robert Montgomery, this exhibition aims to evoke an array of thoughts and emotions within its audience.

By bringing these three artists together, this exhibition underlines JD Malat Gallery’s wider international programme and seeks to strengthen the dialogue between artists and viewers across the world.

Born in 1962, in Davos, Switzerland, Conrad Jon Godly addresses the symbiotic relationship between human nature and the sublime; finding a beauty in the awe and terror of nature. Godly expresses the everlasting impact of the Swiss mountains in his two newly created pieces. Working primarily from memory and imagination, Godly captures what he calls, the “essence” of Switzerland’s powerful nature.

Similarly, by engaging with his surroundings, Li Tianbing treats the canvas as a space for meditative contemplation. Born in Guilin, China, in 1974, Li was profoundly impacted by the socio-political issues of post-socialist China, particularly the one child policy. As such, the paintings of children and animals bring us a vibrant and playful exploration of his memory of childhood.

The impact of poetic text on humanity comes alive in the glowing light installation by Robert Montgomery. Born in Scotland in 1972, Montgomery has since explored his interest in the urban world through language and light. Montgomery’s bold light installations demonstrate his direct approach to universal themes such as power and love to physically and metaphorically enlighten viewers on the capabilities of language to explore artistic concepts.

The widespread recognition of each artist’s creative talent has been marked by displays in notable collections such as The Swiss National Bank, Denver Art Museum, DSL Collection, The Victoria & Albert Museum, the Aspen Art Museum and more.

JD Malat Gallery specialises in contemporary art and champions a broad spectrum of emerging and international contemporary artists. The gallery programme consists of an array of exciting artists supported by year-round exhibitions and contemporary art fairs. By bringing these unique artists together, this group exhibition celebrates the diverse and innovative programme JD Malat Gallery has to offer.

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Li Tianbing
Envahisseur dans Mon Atelier
2017, Oil on canvas, 198 x 244 cm / 78 x 96 inches
Conrad Jon Godly
2018, Oil on canvas, 170 x 170 cm
Li Tianbing
Grimper le Giraffe
2017, Oil on canvas, 198 x 244 cm / 78 x 96 inches
Li Tianbing
Climbing the elephant
2019, Oil on canvas, 49 x 39 in.
Robert Montgomery
2014, Black Valchromat, filcris recycled PVC, wood, paint, 12 volt LED lights and copper, 190 x 137 cm
Conrad Jon Godly
2018, Oil on canvas, 170 x 140 cm
Conrad Jon Godly
Nevertheless no.02
2020, Oil on canvas, 150 x 130 cm.
Conrad Jon Godly
Nevertheless no.01
2020, Oil on canvas, 150 x 130 cm.