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Tim Garwood.

Born 1984. Lives and works in London.


Tim Garwood creates compelling and witty abstract paintings from a range of materials. Gleaned from the streets around his South London studio, scraps of wood and metal find their way into works that blur the boundary between painting and relief sculpture. Garwood is interested in the visual chemistry of unconventional materials. A humble IKEA tablecloth, a tangy house paint with the novel name “Mermaid Cheeks”, an aluminium barbeque tray – everything becomes fair game for the painter in his studio. From this raw matter Garwood creates colourful compositions that deliver impact and subtle tension in equal order. A closer look reveals many stages of action and counteraction recorded in the surface. In his latest works the frame itself becomes an integral part of the work, sometimes sprouting like legs from beneath the support, hinting at figurative dimensions to his otherwise lyrical abstract work.

— David Surman, artist and writer.

Tim Garwood
The Jubilant Return
2019, Oil, spray paint, cut canvas, wood stain and acrylic on sackcloth in artist made frame, 47.5 × 42.5 cm (18 ¾ × 16 ¾ in)
Tim Garwood
2019, Ink, oil, spray paint, gloss, cut cotton and wood stain on unprimed canvas in artist made frame, 37.5 × 32 cm (14 ¾ × 12 ½ in)
Tim Garwood
Super Deluxe Wolf Painting
2019, Oil, spray, wood stain and cut canvas on canvas in artist made frame, 77.5 × 61.5 cm (30 ½ × 24 ⅜ in)
Tim Garwood
Island Vision
2019, Oil, spray, wood stain, net, brass eyelets and fabric on canvas in artist made frame, 141.5 × 106.5 cm (55 ¾ × 41 ⅞ in)
Tim Garwood
Tired of The Silent Night
2018, Oil, shoelace, rope, gloss and spray paint on panel, 32 × 27 cm (12 ½ × 10 ½ in)
Tim Garwood
Bow Rainbow
2019, Net, shoelace, rope, fabric, oil, gloss and spray paint on panel, 46.5 × 50 cm (18 ¼ × 19 ¾ in)