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what the water said


This group of works comes through a deep thinking about the sea and the role it plays as calamitous force.

Warships, poems, fragments of the past all exist in a wishy-washy miasma of tidal change re -configured and re-discovered over and over. 

My references range from modernist poetry to punk rock, children’s books and found artworks, gardening and borders, sick mermaids and conspiracy theories. 

I often return to T.S. Eliot’s drowned Phoenician in the Wasteland, his bones picked clean contemplating the for-everness of the depths. I want my pots and collages to feel as if excavated from the ocean floor where civilisations have collapsed and the whole has been taken over by the maritime and the world is cast anew.

At the bottom of the sea I hope everything becomes equal. 

Glenn Barkley

Glenn Barkley
2019 Installation view, ceramics, variable dimensions.