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Susan York *1951

Lives and works in Santa Fe, NM, USA

Susan York is primarily known for reductive work in graphite, her medium of choice since the 1990’s. Her cast and drawn forms are often installed to engage with the architecture of a particular space, combining precise geometry with unexpected elements of asymmetry and tension.

Her site-sensitive installations engage the existing architecture of a chosen site: a room, a wall, or a piece of paper. York’s studies in graphite are a homage to subtlety, with irregularities interrupting otherwise austere geometric forms and producing results that are perhaps more felt than seen.

The drawings can have as many as 50 layers of graphite before she reaches the amorphous quality — somewhere in between absorption and reflection — that has both a flatness and depth. It’s the versatility of graphite that enables Susan York to create two distinct bodies of work that compliment and inform one another, despite being created through diametrically opposed approaches. Whether they are drawings or sculpture, the material is the same.

In the series of lithographs ‘Achromatopsia II’, artist explores achromatopsia, a genetic visual disorder known to most as color blindness. York challenges the viewer to see color in a different way.

The artist's work can be found in numerous public and foundation collections in the US and abroad, including: Brooklyn Museum, NY; Bronx Museum of Arts, NY; Lannan Foundation, TX and NM; Maxine & Stuart Frankel Foundation for Art, MI; Museum für Konkrete Kunst, Germany; New Mexico Museum of Art, NM; The Panza Collection, Switzerland and Wynn Kramarsky, NY and since 2018 at the collection of the Morgan Library & Museum, New York, NY.

Susan York
1_13_16 Daily Drawing (detail view)
2016, Graphite on paper
Susan York
6_6_15 Daily Drawing (detail view)
2015, Graphite on paper, 38.1 x 27.94 cm
Susan York
Beam (Double Golden Mean)
2009, Solid graphite, 8 x 5 x 13 in.
Susan York
2018, Double-sided, two-color lithograph, 34.75 x 24 in. Ed. 1/15+AP
Susan York
Wedge no. 3
2018, Solid graphite, 16 x 10 x 1.5 in.
Susan York
Achromatopsia II
2016, lithograph, 28 x 17.75 in (in frame, 34.75 x 24 in.), Ed. 1/15+AP
Susan York
2016, lithograph, 28 x 17.75 cm (each)