GALLERY KOGURE, Tokyo / New York

2-14-19 Kanda-jinbocho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0051, Japan



Takato Yamamoto is a renowned artist of fantastic painting. After learning Ukiyo-e woodblock printing and becoming a charismatic illustrator he became a king of Japanese aesthetic arts. He paints the very presence of sex itself, intricately and symbolically expressing the vital force of seething sex in new images which transcend gender. Fans of this work are found throughout the world.

Following graduation in 1983, taking his impetus from the pictures he produced as illustration work he did as a part time job being progressively deployed in the commercials of Fujitsu, he started to work in earnest as an advertising illustrator. In the 1990s, after seeing an exhibition of Tatshiko Shibusawa (a leading novelist applying deep natural history perspectives to eroticism and fantasy) his interest in aesthetics was rekindled.

From 1994, he laid out a Heisei aestheticism “style” developing and refining an “Ukiyo-e pop style”. From the unmistakable, overwhelming presence and enigmatic nature of his painting style imbued by their symbolic characteristics, he made the leap to a unique and charismatic presence. This activity, mainly in cover art and illustrations for aesthetic novels, fantasy novels, pornographic novels, and period novels, as well as CD jackets gained wide recognition, and he published many dedicated collections of his works and sold these throughout the world.

From 2008, GALLERY KOGURE, seeing Takato as producing artistic works rather than illustrations exhibited acrylic on canvas works in art fields, and this work resulted in him being highly rated as a painter internationally while remaining the king of illustration.

He will display around ten original works, from intricately detailed vintage paper work to new works at VOLTA NY.

Takato Yamamoto, Ken Marinaris, 2003, Acrylic on paper, 14.13 x 9.96 inch