We are pleased to collaborate with GalleryLOG, our longtime VOLTA media partner, presenting four artist-interview videos from projects on view at VOLTA NY 2017, our decade edition in New York celebrating ten years of solo focus.

For their NY 2017 edition, GalleryLOG has selected Tirtzah Bassel (showing with Slag Gallery, Brooklyn), Langdon Graves (showing with VICTORI+MO, Brooklyn), Pacifico Silano (showing with Rubber Factory, New York), and Kathleen Graves (showing with ROCKELMANN &, Berlin).

Tirtzah Bassel //

Primarily based on drawings done directly from observation, Tirtzah Bassel's luminous paintings capture figures either at ease in their anonymity or discomfited within the uncannily familiar spaces they interact within, presented here by Slag Gallery (Brooklyn, booth C22).

Langdon Graves //

Langdon Graves (presented by VICTORI + MO, Brooklyn, booth C16) continues her exploration of Einstein's reaction to the quantum entanglement paradox, “Spooky action at a distance”, Graves takes her grandmother's first-hand accounted ghost stories as the jump-off to her spare compositions of familial comfort and spiritualist unease.

Pacifico Silano //

Pacifico Silano reworks and collages imagery sourced from vintage gay pornography magazines and preserved in Plexiglas slabs, which thereupon become stand-ins for gay men lost to the AIDS epidemic. Featured in the traveling institutional exhibition Art AIDS America, which was shown locally at the Bronx Museum of Art last year, Silano’s Arrangements project is presented by Rubber Factory (New York, both C10).

Kathleen Vance //

Kathleen Vance unveils her site-specific project Traveling Landscape: Precious Cargo, presented by ROCKELMANN & (Berlin, booth D5). By modifying reclaimed vintage luggage with artificial and real flora (moss, dirt, water) in miniature dioramas within, the Brooklyn-based artist considers a multitude of salient topics, from pristine green spaces to land proprietorship and water rights.