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Federico Solmi’s current series of animated video works, entitled The Brotherhood, parody the iconography of historical portraiture through a series of absurd and grotesque portraits of some of the world’s most feared and beloved leaders. A secret society whose goal is to keep chaos alive in the world, The Brotherhood advances Solmi’s biting critique of a present-day dystopian society that inexorably continues to regenerate itself even as it falls apart in front of our eyes. In hand-drawn, color-saturated videos, Solmi torches the veneer of mystique and aura surrounding these legendary figures, exposing history as a propaganda-fabricated ruse, manipulated and carefully crafted to suit their selfish interests.

“THE BALLROOM” is an installation of five unique videos arranged in the form of a classical theater, replete with crimson curtains, depicting a gathering of The Brotherhood at a grand palace. In five different scenes, surreal vignettes of a lavish ballroom party converge multiple narratives of gluttony, gossip, and over the top exuberance, resulting in a chaotic folly of drinking, smoking, dancing, and feasting. A vain display of ridiculous costumes, shining with medals and jewelry, promote a visual disorder that coalesces with the indulgent antics of these powerful figures. Rather than reimagining history, the leaders enter into our conceited present-day celebrity culture. They call to fault our own complacency and perpetuation of skewed historical myths and perspectives. 

Solmi’s process of creating video animation involves the construction and development of a virtual world within a video game engine. The textures of the environment and characters are scans of original paintings and drawings that are applied to 3D digital models.

Federico Solmi, The Ballroom, 2016, LED monitors, HD animated video with sound, acrylic, gold and silver leaf on Plexiglas and wood, 52 x 34 in. each (Installation: 12 x 24 x 12 feet). Courtesy of Luis De Jesus Los Angeles