Joshua Liner Gallery, New York

Joshua Liner Gallery

540 West 28th Street, New York, NY 10001, USA



Joshua Liner Gallery presents Californian artist Andrew Schoultz. Schoultz will use this opportunity to comment on timely social and political themes such as empirical power, and the economic growth, gentrification and globalization of our cultures and commodities. Thru his visual lexicon of symbols of power, Schoultz’s practice illustrates a world, imbued with imagery such as Trojan horses, and currency, set among bands of color, alluding to historical tapestries and aesthetics. Schoultz connects a timeless narrative that highlights the tumultuous current state of politics, while reminding us of the foundations.

For VOLTA, an ongoing project for Schoultz gains new momentum with an installation of American flags, outsourced and made in China. In the process of modifying the flags with metals and nods to natural commodities, Schoultz calls into question the effectiveness of globalization of both resources and our national symbol. Presented in an opulent setting of reflective surfaces, the booth creates an infinity of flags set within a tone of excess, alluding to the dangers found in stumbling towards an empirical goal. In the center, lays a monument, both pristine in gold, yet simultaneously decaying; a prophecy of the ego, and its fragility upon these symbols of power.

Restructuring the concept of the white walls of an art fair booth, Schoultz will transform the space into something fresh and new, inviting the viewer to engage with the broader concept here.

Before Los Angeles, Schoultz lived and worked in San Francisco for 17 years. It was here where his work found focus. Taking in these aesthetic influences from the Mission School, Schoultz expanded upon them into the public sphere with large murals throughout the city.  With murals now worldwide, Schoultz strives to engage a broad audience with his art, removing it from the confines of only the private or commercial sector. 

Andrew Schoultz, Weathered Flag (Gold Dip), 2016, Acrylic and 24 karat gold leaf on stained and dyed American Flag stretched over panel, 30 x 54 inches
Andrew Schoultz, Extreme Black Flag (Gold Drip), 2013, Acrylic and gold leaf on stretched American flag over panel, 30 x 52 inches
Andrew Schoultz, Three Flags (Big Drip), 2012, Acrylic, gold leaf, on three sewn American flags stretched over panel, 42 x 66 inches
Andrew Schoultz, Through Silver and Fire (Faux Burn), 2012, Acrylic and gold leaf on stretched American flag over panel, 30 x 54 inches
Andrew Schoultz, Made In China (Ultra Molten), 2012, Acrylic and gold leaf on stretched American flag over panel, 30 x 52 inches
Andrew Schoultz, Andrew Schoultz – In Process; Fall Out, 2013, Installation view, Monterey Museum of Art, July 5 – November 17, 2013