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Painting, drawing, and collage, as defined broadly, are the foundations of Shannon Forrester's artistic practice. They become lenses, mobilized as tools, ideally to be subsequently realized as embodiments, through which sociological, theoretical, and psychological ideas are visualized. Forrester's paintings often exist in a mythical, symbiotic, and symbolic realm where interior and exterior come together to create a whole. Figures are used in a variety of modes; they become icons, signifiers, memories, and champions. The paintings often examine intense moments of human experience: expectation, love, acceptance, rejection, marginalization, and hope. The work explores how these elements of intensity intersect, evolve, and unravel in concert with constructs of identity at the intersection of individual as well as social contexts. Traversing theoretical and practice-based inquiry, Forrester's practice is informed by research in the transdisciplinary Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies (WGS) field. She uses theory from WGS to examine hidden dynamics informing relationships between individuals, as well as between the individual and society, exploring how cultural productions are activated.

Shannon Forrester, With Cats, 2016, Oil on canvas mounted on paper, 3.5ft w x 6ft h