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José Ángel Vincench (Born in Holguin, Cuba, in 1973) is a conceptual artist who, contrary to orthodox representatives of such a trend, has always preferred to intentionally "taint" his artistic material with sociological, religious and political contents. His particular Conceptualism is guided by issues that are relevant to Cuban social life and his work is enquiring, without global pretence. Vincench is an intellectual, rational and analytic artist, obviously interested in taking a critical stand within art.

Art critic Janet Batet noted that “With a highly rigorous conceptual proposal, Vincench bases his work in art history-specifically the Cuban tradition of abstract art-deconstructing the Cuban reality and encouraging a critical reading. Relying, as central subject, in the social and religious entity that embodies the Cuban, the artist undertakes research areas, typical of sociology, integrating popular beliefs, personal life experiences and current sociopolitical events of recent history of the island.”In this instance, the artist is targeting the sociopolitical phenomena of dissent.

“In Cuba, a dissident is the very worst thing you can be,”Vincench explains. “No one wants to be associated with a dissident. Because I am an artist, an intellectual, I see things differently. I want to show people that dissidence is just another way of looking at something.”Works by Vincench are included in such collections as the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes Havana; Frost Museum, Miami; The Rubin Foundation, New York; The Perez Collection, Miami; The UBS Art Collection, Chris von Christierson Collection, London; Celia Birbragher Collection, Miami; CIFO Collection Miami and many private collections world wide.

José Ángel Vincench, Exilo, 2016, Gold leaf on canvas, 60 x 60 cm