VOLTA NY and GalleryLOG reunite for a new series of engaging artist videos.

Watch the series of inspiring interviews featuring six artists whose works are exhibited at VOLTA NY. The presentation features artists Robin Kang, Brittany Nelson, Justine Frischmann, Becca Lowry, and Tschabalala Self.




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Robin Kang

Robin Kang threads nuances between technological advances and the history of the textile industry via Jacquard loom handwork and patterned circuitry imagery. Kang is founder and director of Chicago's Carousel Space Project as well as Ridgewood, Queens project space PENELOPE. Presented at VOLTA NY by Field Projects, New York.

Brittany Nelson

"An investigation and a general misuse of photographic chemistry and 19th Century photographic techniques"… Brittany Nelson’s bio provides a clue to her process. The young Richmond-based artist’s medium of choice is the tintype, a unique direct-positive exposure revived by hipsters for portrait photography, though Nelson flexes this collodian process with panache and confidence into the purely material realm. Nelson is a 2015 Creative Capital Artist Grant recipient and is presented at VOLTA NY by Morgan Lehman Gallery, New York.

Justine Frischmann

Based now in the Bay Area, Justine Frischmann (yes, former lead vocalist of seminal Britpop outfit Elastica!) imbues her abstract works with a beguiling and immersive ambience, from the balance of surface media to the floating back-framed aluminum panels bearing these compositions. Presented at VOLTA NY by George Lawson Gallery, San Francisco.

Becca Lowry

Becca Lowry’s magnificent mixed-media paintings emulate shields, force fields, talismans, each imbued with layered connotations. In the artist's words: “These shields tend not to be combative — the pointy edges are more like the decorative fringe of a rug than they are the point of a spear. I think, instead, they’re meant to hold a person up, to bolster strength and resolution in a moment of great uncertainty.” Presented at VOLTA NY by Fred Giampietro Gallery, New Haven.

Tschabalala Self

Tschabalala Self unveils a new body of a work at VOLTA NY through her presenting institution, MoCADA (Brooklyn). Self explores the intersectionality of race, gender, and sexuality around iconographic portrayals of the Black female body in contemporary culture. The recent Yale School of Art MFA grad is participating concurrently in A Constellation, a major cross-generational group exhibition at Studio Museum in Harlem.