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This project is a continuation of most of my works in triptych panels depicting sequences of imagery that tell a story. These sequential compositions begin with the use of a figure or a character, in an encounter with another character or a situation that provide tension to the first panel. The story then advances to the second panel by repeating the characters and figures, moving them in different positions while adding or omitting other figures and elements in the composition. Again, through repetition, movement, revision, addition and omission of figures and elements, the third panel then becomes a version of the first and second panels, but this time providing a sense of conclusion and consequence which we can derive lessons from. And the whole set of panels illustrate a sense of transition, passing of time and movement in space, thereby reacting to the usual static quality of paintings.

Now, I am also interested in tackling the theme of ‘Loob’ in my current works. Loob (tagalog for ‘inside’) pertains to the set of values which Filipino culture is rooted upon. Loob also balances ideas between materiality and spirituality because it points to what is essential within but never separates itself from what is outside. And Loob evaluates what is inherently Filipino but at the same time crosses boundaries between what is local and what is universal.

The Tagalog word ‘Saysay’ also comes to mind when looking at this new set of works. Saysay means to tell or narrate. It is also a word that begs for meaning and worth. Saysay as an approach to this new project is, in a way, a statement in itself about what purpose art should serve nowadays.

Here in “Continuing Spirit”, I am sharing a study of Loob via a style of depiction that is Saysay.

Alfredo Esquillo, FLIP SIDE, 2010, oil on ethylene-vinyl acetate panel, 4 x 3 feet
Alfredo Esquillo, TEMPTATION OF SANE ESKI (REPRISE), 2012, oil on ethylene‐vinyl acetate (EVA) panels, 244 x 366 cm
Alfredo Esquillo, TRIAL OF ESTHER, 2013, oil on ethylene‐vinyl acetate (EVA) panels, brass relief
213.36 x 180.34 cm (diptych)
Alfredo Esquillo, GARDEN OF PLASTIC DELIGHTS, 2013, oil on ethylene‐vinyl acetate panel
152.4 x 274.32 cm (triptych)
Alfredo Esquillo, WHISPER TO A SCREAM, 2014, oil on ethylene‐vinyl acetate (EVA) panel, 152.4 x 243.84 cm (diptych)