Lisa D Manner


Galleri Flach

Hälsingegatan 43, 11331 Stockholm, Sweden

Born 1979 in Malmö, Sweden

Lisa D. Manner is an artist whose paintings depict an apocalyptic world by combining an associative chain of historical, cultural and futuristic images. The paintings produce dreamy and imaginative environments and landscapes, often imbued by a warm afternoon light.

In her most recent series, Drifting, the collage-like paintings depict motifs from different eras and places; the murals in Livia’s villa in Rome are for instance mixed with the play of shadows on walls from the artist’s own residential district in Malmö, in the south of Sweden.

The paintings are structured by a meticulous, collage-like technique that creates a surreal architectonic setting in which theatrical qualities come to life. As the Swedish curator Johan Berggren has noted, the staging gives reminiscence of the Swedish film maker Ingmar Bergman, the way he was using a method of "cutting" and "pasting" in films like Persona and Fanny and Alexander. There is a tense psychological undercurrent in Manner’s paintings that belongs to a Scandinavian cultural heritage.

Lisa D. Manner, Attic, 2015, oil on panel, 40 x 30 cm
Lisa D. Manner, Greenhouse, 2015, oil on panel, 40 x 30 cm
Lisa D. Manner, Cooler, 2015, oil on panel, 40 x 30 cm
Lisa D. Manner, Blackboard, 2015, oil on panel, 40 x 30 cm