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Siri Berg

Born 1921 in Stockholm, Sweden

Siri Berg has been exhibiting internationally for more than 40 years, with works included in the public collections of the Guggenheim, Jewish Museum, and Museum of Modern Art, Stockholm, to list just a fraction. Siri has continually explored the visual qualities and artistic possibilities inherent in classic literature, musicology, the Kabbalah, found industrial objects, and most recently, the careful blending of paints to create wholly unique spectrums of color.

At VOLTA NY, Hionas Gallery proudly presents a selection of Siri’s new and vintage works, including a 1980 assemblage piece made using vinyl suction cups, acrylic and Masonite; as well as select color panels from her most recent series, It’s All About Color (2011-2014). These meticulously executed abstract pieces comprise a mere glimpse of what and how Siri has contributed to the evolving modern art canon.

Siri Berg, Black Series, 1976, acrylic on canvas, 54 x 54 inches
Siri Berg, It's All About Color (red gradation), 2011-13, oil on canvas, 9 panels, 20 x 10 inches each
Siri Berg, Phase 1 (Shadow), 1974, acrylic on canvas, 30 x 22 inches
Siri Berg, Singularities, 1980, vinyl suction cups on acrylic-painted Masonite, framed in plexi, 18 x 60 inches
Siri Berg in her studio, Riverdale, NY, ca. 1977