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Shu Ikeda

Born 1979 in Hiroshima, Japan

Shu Ikeda artworks resemble the feeling of painting on photographs.
By cutting out photos to produce alternative shapes, voids, and shadows, Ikeda has been presenting two-dimensional works that traverse between painting and photography. The difference between photography and painting is that photography possesses high degree of reappearance. To cut out and reconstructed the photos enables creation of new space and new light of the existing image, and allows the image to reappear in a new shape. At first glance, a common scenery seems unusual as it doesn’t exist anywhere in the real world. This "new" scenery introduces a new world that is not found just in photography or painting.



Shu Ikeda, Reminiscence is a Sunny Place, 2011, photographic collage, mounted on paper, 74 x 104 cm
Shu Ikeda, Fragile Relationship, 2010, cut-out photograph, mounted on acrylic, 78 x 98 cm
Shu Ikeda, Season Chatter, 2012, photographic collage, mounted on paper, 74 x 104 cm