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Ross Watts

Ross Watts creates paintings, sculptures and installations that allude to texts, the layering of pages and the impending obsolescence of printed matter. Derived from literary works in which the protagonist's character shifts in some critical way, the work pays tribute to books in their traditional, non-digitized form. Books as fossils manifest as "stones". Layers of strips of paper are compressed by steel "bookends" binding them to the wall. Sculptures made from layers of tarpaper are deconstructed and presented as paintings. Books enshrined in plaster "tombs" with striated layers suggest accumulations of sediment.


Ross Watts received a BFA from The University of North Carolina and an MFA from Virginia Commonwealth University. He has exhibited nationally, including a recent exhibition at The Parrish Art Museum in Water Mill, NY, and is represented in numerous private collections. Ross lives with his family in Sag Harbor, NY.

Ross Watts, Stones, 2013, book pages, glue, 8 x 6 x 2 inches each
Ross Watts, Nowhere, 2013, paper, Aluminum, wood, 19 x 15 inches
Ross Watts, Notis, 2013, paper, wire, steel rods, 30 x 22 x 8 inches
Ross Watts, Jacks, 2013, foam, wood, paper, glue, 50 x 12 x 17 inches
Ross Watts, Tar #3, 2013, tarpaper, burlap, plaster on wood panel, 39 x 27 inches
Ross Watts, Tar #6, 2013, tarpaper, burlap, plaster on wood panel, 36 x 48 inches