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Nao Matsumoto

Born 1972 in Yokohama, Japan

Nao Matsumoto is a sculptor born and raised in Yokohama, Japan, based in NYC since 1997. Matsumoto studied Biology as an undergraduate and received his MFA - Sculpture in 2000. His work has been exhibited both internationally and in the US in various art venues.

Never the one to shy away from controversy, he has actively been involved in protest movements including the Occupy Wall Street movement, the Anti-Nuclear Power Rally in Japan and Anti-Police Brutality Campaigns. Matsumoto also delivers lectures, and serves as a visiting professor at Pratt Institute. In 2013, he established Lorimoto, a contemporary art gallery in Ridgewood, Queens of NY.

Nao Matsumoto, You / Me, OSB, 2012, screws
Nao Matsumoto, Chainsaw Blue, 2012, FRP (Fiber Re-enforced Plastics), steel
Nao Matsumoto, 100, 2012, plastics, MDF
Nao Matsumoto, SAMF-V, 2012, wood, steel, mud tires, plastics