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Tucholskystrasse 38, 10117 Berlin, Germany

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Maki Na Kamura

Born in Osaka, Japan

Maki Na Kamura is a painter who was born in Japan and lives and works in Berlin, Germany. The artist was honored with the Prix Marcel Broodthaers "en paintre" in 2012 and was awarded the internationally acclaimed Falkenrot Prize in 2013.

In discussion of Maki Na Kamura's practice in his recent essay Painting as Resonance Chamber, Christoph Tannert writes, "color spreads itself intoxicatingly in her work. Color creates space, creates landscape, and yet displays itself in a process. The painting doesn't hinge on the distinction between the abstract and the concrete. A signature mark and a romantically expressive brushstroke generate animated surfaces. [...] The artist has a feeling for the present – the presence of the materiality of paint and the discursive changes in the field of painting. She proves that one can still love painting. In any case, there are secrets in the details that charge these paintings."


Maki Na Kamura, F-S PAGODAS VI, 2013, oil and water on canvas, 120 x 85 cm
Maki Na Kamura, F-S PAGODAS X, 2013, oil and water on canvas, 180 x 250 cm
Maki Na Kamura, F-S PAGODAS XIV, 2013, oil and water on canvas, 105 x 180 cm