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John Cox

Born 1973 in Nassau, Bahamas

John Cox is a mixed-media artist whose works focuses on the "everyday"; he is known for large format paintings, found object assemblages, collage and non-traditional printmaking. Cox attended RISD in Providence and taught in the Art Department at the College of the Bahamas (COB) for six years before working in Education at the National Art Gallery of The Bahamas, where he eventually moved up to the position of Chief Curator.  Cox was the founding director of Popopstudios – Center for the Visual Arts in Nassau, Bahamas, an artists’ cooperative that has acted as the main hub and generator of the contemporary arts scene in The Bahamas for the last decade.

VOLTA NY 2014: Filler

For Cox, balance is not so much as goal as a constant exercise in conscious creativity. Engaging the lifecycle of balance—struggle, transcendence, and acceptance—he often manifests in his artwork this somewhat spiritual journey of helplessness searching for the myth of perfection, and this is no different in his latest installation, consisting simply of bicycle inner tubes, string, and air. Called "dark flowers", they have, as their name suggests, a whimsical air about them that perfectly describes their animate nature: now, they are bursting, blacker-than-black sculptures, but as the air desperately escapes, the sculptures will slowly return to their latent purpose, limp bicycle wheels. These "dark flowers" hold ephemeral promises of breath and mortality, but their impermanence transcends such familiar associations in their collective title of "Filler". How do we fill our time to distract ourselves from our brief, beautiful, collective existence? Using the materials central to his own meditative filler—hours and hours of biking—Cox articulates these cycles and struggles. Though he captures two extremes of destruction—slow deflation and forceful bursting—the equalization of all the processes does not cover up the search for balance. Beyond representation, Cox asks the medium to be mimetic to the body or to the experience rather than to represent it.

John Cox, Filler, 2013, bicycle inner tubes, string, variable dimensions
John Cox, Communte, 2010, mixed media, variable dimensions
John Cox, I am not a Failure, 2008, mixed media on paper
John Cox, Fire and Water, 2006, kimono installation (detail)
John Cox, Geisha Performance, 2011, photography