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Dominique Labauvie

Born 1948 in Strasbourg, France

French-born artist Dominique Labauvie lives and works in Florida, and constructs his artwork with an innate feeling of scale, slowly building forms with line. He uses chalk to mark the memory of each sculpture's development, while re-forging and re-cutting pieces of steel. His sculptures are often defined by formal frontality, an aspect they share with drawing in defying the third dimension.

His public commissions can be found in France, Austria, Spain, and Vandenberg Airport Terminal and Tampa General Hospital, Florida.  He has been honored with awards and fellowships in France, Germany, and the US, and is part of numerous public and private collections: Boca Raton Museum of Art, Tampa Museum of Art, Museum of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg (FL), Runnymede Sculpture Park (CA), and the Museum of Decorative Arts, National Collection of Contemporary Art, and Public Collection of Contemporary Art (Paris), and Foundation Maeght, St. Paul (France). 

Dominique Labauvie, Flying Buttress, 2012, forged and cut steel, 8 x 10 feet x 15 inches
Dominique Labauvie, 22, 2010, pastel on paper, 22 x 30 inches
Dominique Labauvie, Drawing #2, 2013, pastel on charcoal, 56 x 37 inches