Anahita Vossoughi – FRED.GIAMPIETRO, New Haven



315 Peck Street, Unit A 2-4, New Haven, CT 06513, USA

+1 203 777 7760


Anahita Vossoughi

Born 1975 in Edmonton, Canada

From aliens to runway models, a pop-culture spectacle of the body mutating, adapting and transforming presents complex issues of familiarity and distance with the somatic. My recent work pivots around intimations of the body in states of transformation, as a platform to destabilize our mediated perceptions of bodily norms and examine their complex cultural and social associations.


I transfigure raw materials and found objects to suggest the human figure in its most abstract to its most recognizable states of existence. The carving, cutting, molding, painting and juxtaposing of both traditional art materials in conjunction with the assemblage of found objects give me a broad range of methods and histories to contend with one another. The issue of bodily management, from the addition of jewelry, to surgical modification or prosthetic attachments is mimicked in the process of making my work.

By drawing from multiple histories in sculpture, painting and pop culture, accepted canonical truths are called into question, as are the authoritative use-value and social connotations of the objects and that are appropriated and transformed. My aim is to redirect and confound these associations, thereby positioning them into a space where they can be reevaluated. I want to leave myself, and the viewer without a comfortable place to land in terms of association or orientation, creating a tangled web of meaning, challenging cultural and artistic expectations.

Anahita Vossoughi, The Cups that hold my Heart, 2010, polymer, clay, bikini, 5 x 8 x 10 inches
Anahita Vossoughi, His TIme comes in Capsules, 2010, selfdry clay, decorate, ceramic ball, acrylic paint, resin, 10 x 12 x 11 inches