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Akihiro Higuchi

Born 1969 in Tokyo, Japan

Antiquated statues of religious figures with historical significance, acquainted insects from familiar surroundings, animals genetically altered by the hands of people, etc..

Meticulous analysis and choice of materials act as the basis for Akihiro Higuchi's works. They are moth specimens, taxidermy animal forms and damaged statues etc. as important components.

The selected objects are simple yet heavily embedded with preconceived values. Higuchi then modifies the materials by applying diverse techniques along with Japanese unique sensibilities, while recognizing the undermining qualities within the objects itself. The resulting outcome of the transformation stimulates the viewers' response by dissipating their preconditioned assumptions toward the objects. Furthermore, by betraying such expectations in a humorous manner, the viewers are presented with an altered perspective in meaning, value, and narratives in Higuchi's works.

Akihiro Higuchi, Restore – Syncretistic Fusion of Shintoism and Buddhism, antique statue, wood, mixed media, 34.5 x 18 x 50.5 cm
Akihiro Higuchi, Restore – Relation, antique statue, wood, gold dust, lacquer, mixed media, 38.5 x 14.5 x 40 cm
Akihiro Higuchi, Mitate – Urushi (Metaphor), stag beetle specimen, lacquer, gold dust, silver dust, mixed media, 8.61 cm high
Akihiro Higuchi, Collection, paint on moth specimen, 30 x 40 cm