March 6–9, 2014

82MERCER, SoHo, New York, NY 10012, USA

Photos courtesy of David Willems

Mohau Modisakeng (BRUNDYN+, Cape Town)
Anthony Spinello (Spinello Projects, Miami) presents works by Farley Aguilar to collector Michael Hort (New York)
dealer Guido Maus (beta pictoris gallery, Birmingham AL) holds court in a busy mini-retrospective booth for artist Willie Cole
Rebecca Cuomo, Gavin, and gallery director Lauren Licata (all of Mike Weiss Gallery, New York) lounge among artist Thrush Holmes' site-specific booth project of new works
Anna Maria Brunnhofer (Brunnhofer Galerie, Linz) documents installation of artist Elisabeth Sonneck's rolled oil on paper works
dealer Jordanis Theodoridis (of widmertheodoridis, Zurich) in front of Black Eye Purple metal and car-paint multi-panel work by Matthias Liechti
closeup of Louise Hindsgavl porcelain and taxidermy work Entertainment (Galleri Christoffer Egelund, Copenhagen)
Biggs & Collings (VIGO, London)
the VOLTA NY VIP and press desk
contemplating Adam Mysock's meticulous, intimately scaled paintings (Jonathan Ferrara Gallery, New York)
Hedwig Brouckaert (showing with Galerie Jan Dhaese, Ghent) presents a site-specific tarnished magazine installation to preview guests
Satoru Tamura's Point of Contact with TEZUKAYAMA GALLERY (Osaka)
Hyon Gyon's melted fabric (and in some cases, painted) installation with Shin Gallery (New York)
Michael Caines dogs installation (MULHERIN, Toronto)
a VOLTA NY preview guest within Kim Dorland's heavily impasto salon installation (Angell Gallery, Toronto)
the artist Petra Johanna Barfs and dealer Jürgen Wolfstaedter (of Wolfstaedter, Frankfurt am Main)
two visitors immerse within Josh Dorman's mixed-media work Mined Land (RYAN LEE, New York)
Season (Seattle), with works by Elisabeth Kley
Maléna Seldin and Alix Frey of Jonathan LeVine Gallery (New York) with a large-scale acrylic work by Chicago-based artist Pose
Omar Lopez-Chahoud (right), independent Curator, prompts an unmoderated roundtable discussion on "The Death (and Future) of the Gallery Show" at Critical Practices Inc's project for VOLTA NY
Wilmer Wilson IV (CONNERSMITH., Washington DC) enacts his durational performance "From My Paper Bag Colored Heart" to a captivated preview crowd
the aftermath of Wilmer Wilson IV's performance From My Paper Bag Colored Heart (CONNERSMITH., Washington DC)
John Cox (Popopstudios, Nassau) discusses his "everyday assemblage" works with collectors
a collector interacts with Casey Ruble's petite cut-paper collages (FOLEY, New York)
two VIPs pose within Shinnosuke Yoshida's massive painting (Gallery MoMo, Tokyo)
the artist Alfred Steiner (Gallery Poulsen, Copenhagen) during his Bad At Sports Bedside Chats session
Alessandra Bergamaschi of aut aut arte contemporanea (Rio de Janeiro) and a collector surrounded by works by Irit Batsry
the artist Bobby Mathieson (Lyons Wier Gallery, New York) and a guest take in his gestural portraits
Siri Berg's Bedside Chat session with Bad At Sports. Her works are shown through Hionas Gallery (New York)
a proper interaction with Ultra Violet's Selfie works (part of ULTRA VOLTA: The Spectrum of Ultra Violet, presented by Culture Shock, Brooklyn)
perforated lightboxes photography by Daniele Buetti (HilgerBROTKunsthalle, Vienna)
a Margie Livingston "paint object" (LUIS DE JESUS, Los Angeles)
a visitor transfixed by Florian Heinke's subversion salon (Galerie Heike Strelow, Frankfurt am Main)
gallerist Zavier Ellis (CHARLIE SMITH LONDON, London) with works by Sam Jackson
a closeup of Takahiro Yamamoto's ultra-meticulous graphite works (presented by Gallery Kogure Tokyo)
photo op in front of Nao Matsumoto's sculpture (hpgrp Gallery New York, New York)
a colorful selfie among portrait paintings by Ryan Martin (Mark Wolfe Contemporary, San Francisco)
the artist Katsutoshi Yuasa (YUKI-SIS, Tokyo) discusses his large-scale ink and gold-leaf woodcut print with a collector
Mindy Solomon (of her namesake Miami gallery) presents minimalist sculpture by Dominique Labauvie
Veronica Binder (center, of Galerie Andreas Binder, Munich) and her artist Anna Navasardian share a light moment with a collector
Clint Roenisch (of namesake Toronto gallery) among works by Tony Conrad
Pamela Council (left) performs 'Sweet Grace', with her lead usher Shannon Richardson and much visitor attention following (presented with Kianga Ellis Projects, New York)
ARC Magazine's panel "Metanoia: The Process of Exhaustion", from left: Holly Bynoe, Ian Deleon, Joiri Minaya, John Cox (exhibiting with Popopstudios, Nassau), Blake Daniels, Olivia McGilchrist, and Jayson Keeling
a visitor draws near to Dawn Black's mixed-media drawings (CYNTHIA-REEVES, New York)
from left: Amanda Browder and Duncan McKenzie of Bad At Sports interview Critical Practices Inc (New York) co-founders Saul Ostrow, Susan [lastname], and David Goodman for B@S Bedside Chats
Simeen Farhat's pigmented cast-resin installation (Pentimenti, Philadelphia)
immersing in Katja Loher's video-sculptures (C24 Gallery, New York)
a colorful client takes in Alfred Steiner's meticulous watercolors at Gallery Poulsen (Copenhagen)
Pose's mural on 188 Lafayette, created for VOLTA NY 2014 through the support of The L.I.S.A. Project NYC and shown with Jonathan LeVine Gallery (New York)