GalleryLOG and VOLTA NY team up to bring you a series of compelling 1 min videos on five New York-based artists participating in this year's solo project fair. These interviews will screen in the VOLTA NY Open Forum Talks Lounge, sponsored by GalleryLOG, in between our lineup of compelling panel discussions.

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Amy Bennett


presented by Richard Heller Gallery

Booth Number 1.02

Amy Bennett’s paintings of fictional narratives explore themes of fragility, isolation and vulnerability. The paintings are representations of a miniaturized world playing at reality, depicting suspenseful scenes in which something meaningful could happen at any moment.




Winston Chmielinski


presented by envoy enterprises

Booth Number 1.16

Winston Chmielinski studied philosophy and creative writing at New York University’s Gallatin School Of Individualized Study, modern and contemporary Chinese literature at Peking University, and French literature and contemporary art at L’Institut Catholique in Paris.




Sarah Hardesty


presented by Davidson Contemporary

Booth Number 2.06

Sarah Hardesty's installation transform the initial weight and presence of discarded objects into a state of suspended liberation and halted chaos. The environment has a visceral effect on the viewer, connecting them to a tumultuous part of their own lives and finding personal resonance.




Mathias Kessler


presented by Galerie Heike Strelow

Booth Number 1.21

Mathias Kessler has spent nearly ten years exploring the concept and history of "nature" within the Western Eurocentric context of capitalism, humanism, and representation. In his works, he exposes the many interventions of human culture that have threatened, remade, and shaped what nature is.




Naomi Safran-Hon


presented by Slag Gallery

Booth Number 2.13

Naomi Safran-Hon investigates the tension between domestic space and the invasion of outside forces, be it nature or human. In the region where she grew up, war and violence penetrate every aspect of daily life; similar to the way Sandy brought life to a standstill.