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Steven Tabbutt

Born 1978 in Maine, USA

When I listen to "Everybody Wants to Rule the World" by Tears for Fears, automatically I am reminded of playing with Transformers in the back seat of my mother's Honda. Similarly, when I feel autumn approaching, I have happy memories of walking through the sunlight peeking through the oak trees that surrounded the military base I lived on as a boy.

In my adult life, whether it's through my daily activities or my creative expressions, I strive to recapture that sense of security and warmth. I use archetypes and famous characters from children's books and mythology, both of which were an early spark to my fantasy ideal of the world. I aim to depict these characters with a sense of adult reality by revealing the gray areas we often miss as children in a world in which everything is black and white.

Steven Tabbutt, Crest, 2012, mixed media on paper, 17 x 12 inches
Steven Tabbutt, Infest, 2011, mixed media on paper, 19 x 15.5 inches
Steven Tabbutt, Wasp, 2012, mixed media on paper, 17 x 12 inches
Steven Tabbutt, Kingdom, 2012, mixed media on paper, 19 x 12.5 inches