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Sebastian Mejia

Born 1980 in Cali, Colombia

Sebastian Mejia’s work focuses upon the dissemination of visual information and the symbolic significance of mythological, political and cultural icons. His work is an epistemological enquiry into the nature of knowledge, how it is acquired, presented, retained and communicated. In Sombras Nada Mas, he challenges the predominance of Greek cultural icons as biased, stressing the dichotomy of low and high culture, heavy–handed Imperialist theory and non-Western cultural assumptions.

Mejia implements the Platonian concept of Form in which the visual is analogous to the conceptual - language is a shadow of reality. Translated into the “visual”, shadows of objects cannot represent reality of forms - truth must be experienced rather than told as language fails to convey belief. His work is also about monumental historical and intellectual concepts, such as cultural interactivity, lightness, and adaptation. His work runs simultaneously parallel and counter to the digital reality of the 21st century.

Sebastian Mejia, Dom, 2012, permament marker on plastic foil, 22 x 43 inches
Sebastian Mejia, Reiter, 2012, permament marker on plastic foil, 40 x 43 inches
Sebastian Mejia, Mario, 2012, bee, nail, 5 x 1 inches
Sebastian Mejia, Sombras Nada Mas, 2012, pedestal, pencil on wall, installation, dimensions variable
Sebastian Mejia, Painting Exhibition, 2012, permament marker on plastic foil, 35 x 55 inches