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Born 1965 in Sevilla, Spain

For me, emotion is a key word in contemporary art and should continue to be so in the future. In recent years in the art world, artists have tried to flee from 'emotion': saturated with every kind of visual stimulus, they have been more concerned with making an 'impact' on the spectator than in touching an emotional fibre. I strongly believe that emotion should be the principal motivation and purpose of the artist. For centuries art has emotionally impacted upon, moved or even perturbed the spectator; and this 'interior' movement has contributed to the evolution of mankind. I also think that even if the artist intends to stimulate the intellect of his or her audience, then this should be done through 'emotion'.


In my work, emotion is the raw material. What I mean is that I work with each of my paintings as if you could scratch through the surface of the canvas and find life teaming below. For this reason, my purpose is to craft each painting with the same raw materials that life itself works with: sentiments, longings, dreams, frustrations, the wish to overcome, to grow and to transcend. These impulses are not only inherent to human beings: we can see the same in every ant or bacteria. Their desire is to transcend themselves, to reach immortality through their DNA. And they do this will all their determination, with their life. Why should art, an 'accessory', have lesser aspirations than an amoeba?