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Poklong Anading

Born 1975 in Manila, Philippines

Poklong Anading was once described as "an alchemist of the ordinary" and I have not found a better term so far. A respective body of his works relies on the discarded, unwanted object or — in a more human reference — on the irrational, from force of circumstances or inconsiderate behaviour.

What he does is tell stories or conduct those within the field of media that is offered to a conceptual artist in this era; material and technique compliments sound and image, and the recipient or participant, respectively, is incorporated in the concept. Following the invitation to participate — and even if it is by observation only — leads to a notional world without gravity, without borders.

It is not about defining the function of art, but art as social media provides the possibility to portray unconventional cohesions and creates utopias — not necessarily based on scientific backgrounds but on personal observation or fiction. I might claim that (the majority of) contemporary artists express contemporary issues.

Poklong Anading, Who´s afraid of pixels, 2012, duratransprint, lightbox, 11.8 x 7.9 inches
Poklong Anading, Untitled (dwelling), 2012, photography, installation view Gwangju Biennale 2012