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23 Roscoe Lane, Liverpool, L1 9JD, U.K.

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Paul Sullivan

Born 1968 in Liverpool, U.K.

The Laundry Men series shown at VOLTA 2013, depict one incident during the Troubles in Northern Ireland, namely the Four Square Laundry Service, a British Army undercover operation that was ambushed by the Provisional IRA on the Twinbrook Estate, Belfast, 2nd October 1972.

Sullivan uses this incident in order to investigate a wider set of complex issues, in particular the connection between military planning and civic planning, the loss of identity of sections of the Irish diaspora in the UK, truth and lies in war zones and the urban myth that a replica Belfast housing estate was built in a major English or Scottish city in order to train and recruit military personnel.

The Laundry Men series is part of a wider set of works that include a film, a play and a publication.

Paul Sullivan, Laundry Men 6, 2012, ink on film, 18 x 12 inches
Paul Sullivan, The Mossad Fabrication, 2011, timber, MDF, vinyl signage, 18,000 sq ft
Paul Sullivan, KIAF 'Official Sales Centre', 2010 ink on paper, 120 x 120 inches
Paul Sullivan, Noodle Bar, 2008, C print, 10 x 6 inches
Paul Sullivan, Damien Hirst: One Night Only (Static Gallery), 2005, 1 x Damien Hirst signed poster, timber, MDF, studio lights, table, chair, CCTV, monitor, guard rail