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Patrick Bernatchez

Born 1972 in Montreal, Canada

Over the past decade, the subject of death has been fundamental to Patrick Bernatchez's practice. The theme of death takes on variations of time, space-time, and cycles of degradation and renewal. The artist brings an omnivorous approach to media, making use of drawing, printmaking, painting, photography, film, installation, music and sound. He has developed diverse projects, of which the most recent are Chrysalides (2006 - ), notable for having demonstrated the maturity of his practice, and Lost in Time (2009 - ), which reveals the astonishing scope and originality of his perspective. His substantial conceptual worlds reread, inquire and reinterpret, while questioning our relation to creation and art history. Patrick Bernatchez has exhibited frequently in Europe, while living and working primarily in Montreal.

Patrick Bernatchez, Untitled # 1 (protagonist) (from the Lost in Time Project), 2011, tinted plexiglas on inkjet print, 87 x 48 inches
Patrick Bernatchez, À la recherche du jour d'après (from the Lost in Time Project), 2011, inkjet print on photo paper, 3 light boxes, 72 x 144 inches
Patrick Bernatchez, BW, 2011, millennia calculating wristwatch, watchstrap in horse leather, 11 x 5 x 1,5 inches / 1,5 inches diameter
Patrick Bernatchez, 180°, 2011, digitally transferred 35 mm color film, sound, 10 min 8 s, edition 1/5
Patrick Bernatchez, Chrysalide, 200, digitally transferred 35 mm color film, sound, 10 min 20s, edition 1/3