Paolo Cavinato – The Flat – Massimo Carasi, Milan


The Flat – Massimo Carasi

Via Paolo Frisi 3, 20129 Milan, Italy

+39 2 58313809


Paolo Cavinato

Born 1975 in Mantova, Italy

Through a variety of expressive styles, Paolo Cavinato creates multi-sensory spaces in which images of reality converge as rational constructions and emotive projections.

The artist’s research begins with the portrayal of physical rooms in the attempt of recreating hypothetical absolute forms so that the viewer is invited to look at those as probable realities.

In some works one finds synaesthetic spaces that can be lived or travelled through: spaces in which one’s senses are incited, superimposed or amplified. In others, one enters into a sort of limbo that bridges both the finite and infinite realm. Thus space becomes a continual evolution, a Void. From that which can be transformed, suspended, eternally transient, Paolo Cavinato arrives at a representation of the absolute through a kind of infinitesimal mantra.

Paolo Cavinato, Window – Corridor, 2012, black acrylic paint on fishing lines, wood frames, 79 x 79 x 10 inches
Paolo Cavinato, Window – Behind the curtains, 2012, black and red acrylic paint on fishing lines, wood frames, 79 x 79 x 10 inches
Paolo Cavinato, Proiezione – Interna, 2012, white acrylic paint on fishing lines, wood frames, 30 x 30 x 4 inches
Paolo Cavinato, Interiors #2, 2012, wire fluorocarbon, acrylic paint, wood and metal frame, 59 x 59 x 8 inches
Paolo Cavinato, Teatrino Drops, 2012, cardboard, paper, acrylic paint, halogen lamp, plexiglas, water, glass bowl, metal pedestal, 19 x 23 x 39 inches, pedestal 47 inches