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Osaretin Ighile

Born 1965, Benin City, Nigeria

Osaretin Ighile’s recent sculpture employs strategies that grasp notions of artworks as conceptual totalities, multivalent narratives crafted from a variety of approaches, not just single images that express big ideas about humanity. His work is informed by a sophisticated discourse on traditional philosophical concepts, a deep understanding of the aesthetic and cultural character of the African continent as well as an invigorating inclination and facility with various materials and methods. By inventively handling his material within a formalist sculptural framework, combined with a highly developed experimental approach to making art, he creates work that is unorthodox, persistently innovative, and ignores boundaries between different cultural heritages and socially constructed constraints. By linking past and present in a visually cohesive context that simultaneously preserve an overall fluency, beauty and humor he encourages us to explore possibilities of how to understand the world, how to contemplate the world and how to express the world.

Osaretin Ighile, Obama, 2011, plastic, metal and wood, 84 x 66 x 66 inches, installation variable dimension
Osaretin Ighile, Deities, 2011, rope on steel armatures, 72 x 55 x 53 inches, installation variable dimension
Osaretin Ighile, Oba Ovonramwen of Benin, 2010, paper, glass, metal, leather, wood, 36 x 65 x 52 inches
Osaretin Ighile, Portrait Study2000, 2000, ink, acrylic, charcoal on paper, 49.5 x 37.5 inches
Osaretin Ighile, Entanglement | 2010, 2010, ink, and acrylic on paper, 75.5 x 74 inches